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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

h is for 'how could i resist?!'

seriously, once i heard this i couldn't get over it. it's one of those so bad it's good soft euro disco numbers from the late 70's. and despite showing her breasts in this picture- you can't fool me amanda!

a new themed week will start in a few days....

9 comment(s):

this song was a big lol for me

L is for I'm strangely in LOVE with this track, hehe


By Blogger Subservient Experiment, at 27 August, 2008 19:22  

I love Amanda Lear and I don't have nearly enough of her. Thank you!

By Blogger Almie Clarissa Darling, at 28 August, 2008 00:20  

Queen of CHINATOWN is brilliant, too.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 August, 2008 07:20  

Oh yes I'd love to listen some other unknown gems by Mrs Lear!

By the way did you know this ace cover of "Follow Me" by Bertrand Burgalat & A.S. Dragon?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 August, 2008 10:15  

i heard her version of 'follow me' recently- and thought it was pretty damn good!

By Blogger mordi, at 28 August, 2008 18:27  

Dude looks (and sounds like) a Lady!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 August, 2008 02:27  

genius, and voice-wise very much like Honor Blackman on "Everything I've Got". merci.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 August, 2008 19:12  

Spanish indiepop ALPINO have an ALPHABET cover in their second Lp (Spicnic)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 August, 2008 20:51  

The string arrangement appears to be ripped from the Bach/Gounoud "Ave Maria". This is done in very poor taste indeed! Wonderful stuff.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 September, 2008 12:40  

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