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Thursday, August 14, 2008

girl groups - thursday

everytime i hear this, i can't get over how billiant it is - and that's called fab!

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Hi! I'm quite glad to hear that song from the Shangri-Las because one of our French-Canadian singers, Ginette Reno, made her own version in the late 1960's. It always felt like a translation and I was right. Instead of I Can Never Go Home, it's Jamais tu ne la reverras (You'll Never See Her Again) but the storyline is the same.
Thanks for sharing!
Patrick, Montreal, Quebec.

By Blogger Ravel, at 15 August, 2008 01:40  

Don't do to your mom what I did to mine...
Talking about a sad story.
I love these girls!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 August, 2008 07:54  

The version of the album in the picture DOES NOT contain "I Can Never Go Home Anymore"

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 August, 2008 14:52  

still a great cover! i love those portraits!

By Blogger taylor 2000, at 15 August, 2008 17:47  

i'll check out Ginette Reno - thanks!

By Blogger mordi, at 16 August, 2008 14:42  

As noted Richard Williams on the back cover of 'Golden Hits Of The Shangri-las' reissue LP: "(George Shadow)Morton's 'I Can Never Go Home Anymore' can be seen to tell the same history of Paul McCartney's 'She's Leaving Home' - but much more interestingly."

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 August, 2008 16:10  

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