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Friday, August 15, 2008

girl groups - friday

such a small picture for such a great song. again, i don't know anything about them - can anyone enlighten me?

thanks to jay who sent me a bigger and better version of the above picture but a special thanks goes to freddy who sent me this!:
freddy writes:
The McKinleys: In Germany they published some records as "Mc Kinlay
Sisters". Her Names were Jeanette and Sheila. Sheila made some
solo-recordings (Sheila McKinlay) in english and german. Later she was a
member of the "Les Humphries Singers".
Note: they were written "Kinlay" not "Kinley".

There are three records:
-1967 (Fontana 269 363 TF):
Wer nicht höhren will muß fühlen / All Night Girl
-1967 (Fontana 269 353 TF):
Bye, Bye, Bye / Was kann ich dafür
-1968 (Fontana 269 404 TF):
Große Katastrophe / Wie all die andern

3 comment(s):

They were called Sheila and Jeanette. They were Scottish. They released four singles, none of which were hits. Thats from the Dream Babes 3 liner notes. There are some pictures but I don't have a scanner right now.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 August, 2008 00:51  

thanks for the info willow - anytime in the future if you get a chance to scan any pics of them, i'd really appreciate it- i'm sure i'll post them again in the future and a better pic would be fab! x

By Blogger mordi, at 16 August, 2008 14:41  

Hi, Just to confirm that the MdKinlays (Sheila & Jeanette) were born and brought up in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their parents were both musicians and the girls career began by singing at local venues, moving on to working with Scottish pop bands, recording career in 60's UK - 4 songs (2 written by Carter & Lewis {Ivy League, Flowerpot Men, White Plains etc.) and appeared on some of the big package tours of the 60's (Beatles etc). In addition to residency at the Star Club, Hamburg they recorded solo work, worked as session/backing singers (Paice, Ashton & Lord 70's).
Check out YouTube for: Sweet & Tender Romance and Sheila (German solo).

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 February, 2009 13:36  

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