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Saturday, August 23, 2008

ck week - saturday

another week over :(
i hope you enjoyed chantal week - i did!

after she quit recording yé-yé, she released an album on the early 80's under the name of chantal bassi - does anyone have a copy? i would love to hear it. listen to one of the songs here: (it certainly pleases my 80's french pop button!)

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4 comment(s):

I did too!

By Blogger matthew h, at 24 August, 2008 02:20  

i did tooooo !

i knew 2 songs from her ... but was a pleasure to hear all those others !

t h a n k s from switzerland !!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 August, 2008 13:40  

Great week! Thanks for the youtube link to her '80s songs, I thought I would never hear them.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 August, 2008 07:20  

I've been nursing a ye-ye addiction for about a year now.
I've just stumbled across your site and, thank god, I did! Thank you so much for your dedication to these wonderful ladies!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 August, 2008 05:11  

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