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Friday, July 04, 2008

doll fight! - friday


francoise hardy v france gall

berger girls do battle - who wins?!

4 comment(s):

i love both !!!!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 July, 2008 19:52  

for me, it's francoise who easily has the edge on this version

By Blogger mordi, at 05 July, 2008 12:12  

Hum I do not agree ;-)
When Fran├žoise hardy sings an adult song (a woman still opened to the come back of a potential lover), France is speaking to the romantic us, as if the lover does not really exist but could happen just y thinking of him.. Call him a ghost and you have the answer.. Still missing Michel..
In fact I like both versions but for different reasons : France is always so loving, maternal, good-willing, when Fran├žoise is such an independant cold/difficult yet accomplished woman..
I guess as they are in their lives..

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 July, 2008 19:37  

Francoise Hardy wins.

By Blogger Almie Clarissa Darling, at 09 July, 2008 01:33  

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