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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MF week - Tuesday

hundreds of you are listening to these posts but no-one is leaving any comments - don't forget that comments keep blowupdoll going!

5 comment(s):

As a long-time reader (and listener) can I thank you for posting this stuff - it really is an education.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 March, 2008 12:41  

another brilliant MF track... there's enough to do a Marianne Faithfull Month of tracks! My personal faves from her 60s recordings are "Young Girl Blues", "Something Better", "Sha La La Song", "Im A Loser" "In the Night Time", "As Tears Go By' and her brilliant version of Donovan's "Sunny Goodge Street". For curiosity value, you should listen to her nutty version of Greensleeves.... oh what the hell; check out all of them! (Im a bit of a fan in case you hadn't guessed)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 March, 2008 00:42  

Just finished reading Marianne's amazing autobiography "Faithfull". Anyone interested in M.F., or pop stars, or 60s London, or the farther reaches of human nature, will be fascinated by this very candid book.
Thanks for M.F. Week!

By Blogger mdnardis, at 12 March, 2008 06:21  

i agree that 'faithfull' is a magnificent book although her new book (memories, dreams and reflections) reads a bit like a rambling old woman (sorry marianne!)

By Blogger mordi, at 12 March, 2008 20:15  

Haha she's so RP here. Maybe the slight mockney set in when she lived on the wall in Soho?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 March, 2008 19:36  

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