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Sunday, December 30, 2007

china heart - sophie ellis bextor - trip the light fantastic
this entire album is a pop sensation- it totally delivers! even her bonus tracks were brilliant! this of course meant that few people bought it and she'll probably never release anything ever again.

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'Trip The Light Fantastic' is a wonderful album. Indeed, it didn't achieve a lot of sales as expected, but that didn't stop the album from going into the top 10. Sophie is all set to release a 'Greatest hits' album in march next year. She's recorded two new songs specially for it - "Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer" with Freemasons and "Off & On" with Calvin Harris. That will be a great purchase for all hardcore and seasonal fans cos Sophie has a string of epic hits. I recommend that to you. Keep your wallet and pocket full. Its a double disc album

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 December, 2007 02:18  

i hope it's not the same calvin harris track 'off and on' that roisin murphy recorded but didn't put on the album (it's since been leaked and is very good!)

i am still concerned that 'greatest hits' really means 'end of recording career'.

i'll still buy it anyway!

By Blogger mordi, at 31 December, 2007 08:32  

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