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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

push push in the bush

from her marvy 60's pastiche album of the same name, written by kirsty maccoll

9 comment(s):

I love Tracey and Kirsty, I've been watching all the video stuff at Youtube that sadly seems to have been deleted from their site now, what harm can a clip of Tracey singing into her hairbrush on totps in 1983 do anyone.

I love this blog.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 June, 2007 17:13  

what a shame- traceys videos were really good.

they don't know is one of my all time favourite songs!

By Blogger mordi, at 12 June, 2007 21:19  

...and thanks for loving my blog!

By Blogger mordi, at 12 June, 2007 21:20  

great post, thx

By Blogger Dgrador, at 13 June, 2007 19:48  

in my view she should have stuck to singing - she was quite good at it

all her dress-up comedy with make-up and masks was just a bit hard for me to take...

in the old days, they might call this "gilding the lily"

sadly Tracey went on to influence the obnoxious Catherine Tate and all those unfunny Little Britain

her only real claim to fame over in the States is that her show launched "The Simpsons"

good song, grreat album -"They Don't Know" is the best

By Blogger BENBENEK, at 13 June, 2007 20:49  

love the title, can't wait for the download to finish.
LOVE the song, there's something special about 80s 60-pastiches.

By Blogger dan s., at 13 June, 2007 20:58  

I still have the 7in for 'They don't know'. :-)

By Blogger Davecat, at 16 June, 2007 05:48  

.. me too!

(love the music, hate the 'comedy')

By Blogger mordi, at 16 June, 2007 18:35  

I love me some Tracey... i worked with her in the 90's in NY and was relieved to find that she's just as delightful as she seemed on TV... and I was just listening to her greatest hits cd (one of the 3 ones I own) today!

btw... in 'They Don't Know', the "Bay-bay" is Kirsty McCall's vocal from her demo that they kept for the single release.

By Blogger KingRoper, at 20 June, 2007 04:26  

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