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Sunday, June 24, 2007

goodness gracious me

no wonder you're so boney joe and skinny as a rake...

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That's completely wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 June, 2007 15:51  

Don't forget to post their other duet "Goodness Gracious Me!" some day!

By Blogger matthew h, at 09 July, 2007 03:46  

This LP coasts l6O,-sw.crowns,it depends from picture,or mono,or stereo,made in GB or USA,more in eBay,under sign S...and P...,including more then Two songs, I have this LP ,I buy in Prague, Metro Passage ,nár.třída 25. on the first Floor, I pay 500, Czech Crowns only. S. is touching P. on his face on the other version. This is interesting, I do not know now ? With S. is very good film Yester.today and Tomorow. In eBay is one LP from Japanese,that very interesting me .....Many Thanks, go studiing that materials. Paul Cock-a-doodle-do. From Horetic in Czech republic.Salut.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 July, 2007 11:25  

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