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Saturday, March 31, 2007

break for love

when i first heard this, i was so blown away by its total brilliance that i presumed it was sung by some knowing j-pop girl in 2007. but it is infact genuine french pop (sung mostly in english). she will astound you with her appallingly fab vocals whilst also making you start body popping.

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and she s also half fan=mous for being the choregrapher for the Star Academy 1 and 2 ( i think ) being hysterically funny talking in english to the students with sentence that became national jokes " like gimme the step " and all..she also plays in luc bessons crap movie "the dancer "
Glad you like the mix !

By Blogger francelagale, at 31 March, 2007 18:03  

like gimme the step! : excellent!

By Blogger mordi, at 31 March, 2007 21:39  

Don t remember if you speak french ! but the lyrics are absoultely insane ?! it s like she os some kinda drug and cant stop talking non sense ! totally fantastic !

By Blogger francelagale, at 03 April, 2007 00:31  

i know you posted this song weeks ago, but i downloaded it back in march and am still listening to it daily. she is so funny and this song is wonderful. thank you :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 May, 2007 07:01  

cheers adam!

By Blogger mordi, at 21 May, 2007 14:53  

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