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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

a gift from ivan

love this. another fantata song for you from mordi mordi bo bordi bonana fanna fo fordi fee fy mo ordi mordi
p.s.- if you don't like this song- you are shit.

9 comment(s):

One of my faves as a child. I was about 5 when I was at a family dinner. I was asked to say grace at the table. As my Aunt Grace was in attendance, I said "Grace Grace bo bace, banana fanna mo mace..."

By Blogger MadCatJoey, at 14 June, 2006 15:56  

that's great! i never knew quite how that went.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 June, 2006 19:39  

ooh, mordi...

waaaay fab track!!!

thank you *****

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 June, 2006 11:24  

That's a great song,I remember the version by Soupy Sales! :)

By Blogger Bruno, at 15 June, 2006 17:53  

thank you all for not being shit!

By Blogger mordi, at 15 June, 2006 20:54  

good thing she didn't know anyone named Buck!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 June, 2006 01:33  

And you say no-one leaves comments...
Great song. Glad you like Mordi

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2006 17:14  

Fuck that song, worst one on this site so far... fuck all novelty songs, actually

I wouldnt have bothered commenting about it except for the lame postscript

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 June, 2006 07:00  

you are shit then!

By Blogger mordi, at 08 July, 2006 08:24  

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