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Friday, June 23, 2006

bon anniversaire à moi

a very marianne 60's britpop sound for sylvie. i love it.

i'm going to paris for a week to celebrate my birthday tomorrow.

miss you all!

14 comment(s):

Have a nice trip, and be sure to send us all postcards. Hope you score some fine French pop for your birthday.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 June, 2006 02:36  

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful time :). And what a great Sylvie picture.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 June, 2006 05:29  

happy, happy birthday, mordi ******

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 June, 2006 06:12  

Triple hooray for Mordi!

By Blogger Guuzbourg, at 24 June, 2006 12:04  

Happy birthday!!

By Blogger Dansmoncafe, at 24 June, 2006 13:43  

Happy birthday, you nutter! Are you old enough to drive yet? ;-)
Enjoy all that Paris has to offer. And take plenty of pics!

By Blogger Davecat, at 24 June, 2006 15:11  

Hello Mordi
A lovely sublime track.
Have a great birthday in Paris(I try to let my birthdays go by unnoticed at my age)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 June, 2006 16:15  

Happy b-day Mordi,have a fab time!

By Blogger Bruno, at 24 June, 2006 20:32  

happy belated birthday! beautiful song too..

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 June, 2006 11:07  

Happy Birthday ! Enjoy your stay in Paris !

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 June, 2006 23:19  

I'm going to Paris too, but I arrive this Sunday so we'll just miss each other! Happy birthday!

By Blogger Goggle, at 27 June, 2006 17:03  

Happy Birthday!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 June, 2006 09:50  

I hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed your time in Paris.

By Blogger Andrew, at 02 July, 2006 16:20  

i did go to bimbo tower- but the least said about that huge disappointment the better!

thanks for all you fab birthday wishes!

By Blogger mordi, at 08 July, 2006 08:26  

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