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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

doll feminine

surprisingly, this is my first chantal post. and i bring you a song that is so doll- it's everything that blowupdoll was created for...

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Yes I agree with you. Perfect. Thanks for this!. Les.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2006 22:41  


Dear Mordi,

I just saw a video on You tube called "Jolie poupée" (pretty doll)by Sylvie Vartan; I didn't know that song before and i find the video (and the song) very...doll-esque. Did you know that song ?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 May, 2006 16:12  


funnily enough, i was listening to that very song only this morning!
but i have never seen her perform it- so i'm off to youtube now to check it out!
thanks for letting me know.

By Blogger mordi, at 27 May, 2006 16:53  

just watched it- it was fab!

i think it must be from a sylvie tv special because the song that starts just as the clip finishes is also her.

now that i'd love the see!

By Blogger mordi, at 27 May, 2006 16:59  

Chantal Goya. If you don't know this place, it has some ma3's to d/l. Very nice too. Cheers Les.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 May, 2006 18:22  

thanks for the link- these songs are from her childrens albums (i think).

good, but not as cool as her early stuff.

By Blogger mordi, at 29 May, 2006 09:53  

Speaking of Sylie, when I speant some time in Paris last year, I went to an exhibition devoted to her fashions over the years. It was utterly amazing, especially the collections of Vogue and Marie Claire covers featuring her. Even the late period Bob Mackey outfits she wore were awsome

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 May, 2006 15:41  

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