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Friday, April 14, 2006

oh oh chéri

as promised. fh en anglais.

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Its Hardy its Blowupdoll and its another winner.
Nice one Mordi

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 April, 2006 22:46  

I'm going to have to rethink my feelings towards Francoise's English versions... I loved "The Rose" and love this one too.
Most of what I'd heard before didn't seem to move me as much as the French, but these two are both wonderful.
Thank you for opening my ears :-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 April, 2006 03:07  

spikebriggen is much more severe

You 're like a moron. Kiddin' aroun'...
and I even did your Witsibaldi, so I'm REAL. NO, I don't wanna harm you. It`s just like 'Ich liebe Françoise' so I don't like messing around with that.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 May, 2006 01:35  

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