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Saturday, March 25, 2006

harmonies are fun

fabulous sunshine psyche pop: dig it!

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Pure intro ! comment résister ? merci!

By Blogger Seidrik, at 25 March, 2006 16:37  

oh the free design! i love you've checked out the covers cd that came out last year -- sooo good!
xo colleen

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 March, 2006 19:57  

A major 'dig it' man.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 April, 2006 01:05  

Luv these guys. This is definitely my fav song by them. Nothing compares to that opening hook and the BA-BA-BA-BA jam... Do they have anything else as psychedelic and fun? I only have the best of...

By Blogger Nick, at 21 April, 2006 17:20  

hi nick,

glad you liked it too- it's one of my faves!
this is probably their best track- but i'd also try 'kije's ouija' too- it's a great subject with ace lyrics and it's pretty psychedelic too.

you'll love it!

By Blogger mordi, at 21 April, 2006 19:08  

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