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Saturday, August 13, 2005

oops! thanks zoe!

i thought this was patty duke. i was wrong. but i still like it.
click lesley here

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she looks lovely!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 August, 2005 10:34  

Thanks for this Mordi. I love Lesley Gore! Spike at Bedazzled has a great scopitone comp for sale that features Lesley doing "Wonder Boy". If you don`t have it, buy it. I tried to buy an original copy of the Wonder Boy LP on ebay but I was outbid. It went for £50!

By Blogger guapo, at 13 August, 2005 12:23  

If you want to hear Patty sing--


(In the audio section, the stuff marked 'Patty.') Frankly I haven't listened to the stuff available there yet, but it might be of interest.

I love Lesley Gore!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 August, 2005 06:34  

thanks for the great link- i hadn't heard of most of those songs!
Great clips too.

By Blogger mordi, at 16 August, 2005 09:39  

if you can't be bothered sifting through all the Patty stuff- I'd recommend a quicktime video- of 'Patty on Perry'- where she sings 'England swings like a pendulum do!' which is brilliant then Perry and Patty sing a dreadful version of Downtown- FANTATA!

By Blogger mordi, at 16 August, 2005 09:52  

It's not so much that I can't be bothered, I'm sort of overwhelmed with personal life stuff right now. I will pick the Patty up someday soon.

I keep telling myself there will be more free time in October, but I'm not so sure!

Thanks for the tip about the video though.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 August, 2005 08:32  

Have you heard the Joan Jett and Klaus Nomi versions of this song?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 August, 2005 20:45  

Check out this Lesley Gore interview!


By Blogger Cathy, at 26 August, 2005 06:30  

Hi Cathy,

I always wondered who the character of Kelly Porter in Grace of my Heart was based on- and now i know!

Thanks! x

By Blogger mordi, at 26 August, 2005 09:16  

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