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Saturday, July 23, 2005

french flick

as requested by flickhead who obviously has good taste in french 60's pop!
click francoise here

3 comment(s):

You're beyond words!

I haven't heard this for decades -- too broke to afford the import CDs it's on, not knowing anyone who owns it.

My sister bought one of Francoise's EPs in the mid-'60s and I used to play this one track endlessly. The last time I heard it in its entirety was probably around 1975.

(Just a note: Barry Adamson, in his song "Something Wicked" for the soundtrack of "Lost Highway", mixed parts of "Les temps des souvenirs" with "Spooky"!)


By Blogger Flickhead, at 23 July, 2005 11:54  

no problem! glad you enjoyed it!

By Blogger mordi, at 23 July, 2005 12:08  

oh my god, i love this one. am a fan of francoise but had not heard this -and now i have to dig out my lost highway soundtrack - the shalalala bit does sound familiar... mordi, as always you are providing such wonderful tunes - long may you continue!

By Anonymous baker, at 24 July, 2005 17:38  

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