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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

hurry hurry!

this fanatstic hanna barbara tv show featured a girl band with long tails and ears for hats.
a neat, sweet, a groovy song, you’re invited, come along!
click josie & the pussycats here

5 comment(s):

you rule - i have been looking for this music, so thank u!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 August, 2005 13:44  

hanna barbera and mordi both rule!

By Blogger guapo, at 04 August, 2005 07:09  

not forgetting cheryl ladd too! (see 2 posts down).

By Blogger mordi, at 05 August, 2005 16:44  

I have to admit, I really liked the movie, secretly! There's some actually good songs (or song, anyway) on the soundtrack, sung by the woman from 'Letters from Cleo'-- 'Pretend to be Nice' is terrific!

And mordi does rule!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 August, 2005 07:00  

i haven't seen the update/remake - but it's on my amazon rental list- so i'm looking forward to seeing it!

By Blogger mordi, at 12 August, 2005 09:51  

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