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Saturday, April 08, 2017

why do they take so long????

i miss melanie laurent
i miss berry 
i miss marie espinosa 
i miss charlotte gainsbourg 
i miss alka balbir

hurry up please

3 comment(s):

I'm still waiting for a follow-up to A Girl Called Eddy's 2004 album!

I didn't realise it had been so long since Charlotte Gainsbourg's last album - hope she makes another.

It's funny, in my old magazines/articles, they talk about a 2 year gap between albums as a 'long absence'. It was so different then!

By Anonymous Christine, at 28 April, 2017 06:17  

Hey Mordi,

Just in case you missed it, Alka has released a new single called "Mon Mec". It features Katerine and there's a great video for it, too.

By Anonymous Aston Kelly, at 10 June, 2017 00:18  

thanks Aston Kelly- i LOVE that song - so good to hear her voice again

By Blogger mordi, at 30 July, 2017 16:20  

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