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Saturday, October 22, 2016

salut mon ami !

i only ever mention another blog if it is really, really good so it brings me a lot of pleasure to tell you that after a long hiatus that spiked candy has returned to entertain us with her (mostly) french sixties obsession. it's got great articles, top playlists and some great new videos of chantal k, chantal g and stella. check it out :) 

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Mordi, you are too kind! xo

By Anonymous Christine, at 23 October, 2016 23:38  

Hey Mordi, I tried to leave this comment on Love Claudine but got some weird error, so I'll ask you here:

I was trying to find a copy of Claudine performing 'Como la luna' and 'Mucho tiempo mas' on a 1971 Spanish show called Estudio Abierto for my latest post, but had no luck. I found an episode from that year, but alas, not the right one. Have you ever come across it?

By Anonymous Christine, at 26 November, 2016 00:08  

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