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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

mordi moans

4 new posts and no comments but lots of downloads and only one comment on a super rare victoire scott song.
sometimes, a little comment or appreciation is needed to keep the blog going...

19 comment(s):

I hold my hands up, I'm guilty! Your site is great, I've been coming on here for months and I've found some great stuff through it. Your love and dedication is appreciated here - apologies for not saying so before!

By Anonymous terrynorthern, at 21 March, 2012 22:31  

I'm also guilty and apologetic. This is one of the few blogs I check regularly, and I've come to discover and love many artists here. Nobody talks about these girls in the States (although I predict that Françoise Hardy's being in the new Wes Anderson film's trailer will spark some interest) so I have to come here to feel some camaraderie!

Thanks for all you do, Mordi!

By Anonymous Ian C., at 22 March, 2012 01:16  

New posts on the site are a highlight of my day! Keep it up!

By Blogger matthew h, at 22 March, 2012 03:06  

BLOWUPDOLL sometimes helps my sanity ... thank you , I am an Art teacher and I sprinkle in songs from this blog to playlists in the classroom..while my students draw...their musical world is a bigger place because of you...thanks

By Blogger joylessbutcher, at 22 March, 2012 05:56  

I know the feeling Mordi, if it wasn't for download tracking and stats it could just feel like whispering into the void. It's nice to get a bit of feedback at least once in a while...
don't stop blogging.

By Anonymous Dom, at 22 March, 2012 10:24  

I absolutely love your site. I trust your taste so much that I don't even preview the track before I download. My favorite track you have ever posted is Adele (the french one) singing Cest Bon. Thank you very much for everything. I will try to comment more.

By Anonymous Jason, at 22 March, 2012 13:47  

WOWSERS! thanks so much everyone - those comments have really made my day.
keep enjoying what's to come.... a few MASSIVELY RARE songs coming in april by a blowupdoll favourite....!

By Blogger mordi, at 22 March, 2012 16:02  

I am ALWAYS appreciative of all your efforts, Mordi!! I check blowupdoll every day or so at least. For some reason, I haven't been able to comment using my computer at home, so I'm doing this on another computer that gives me that option. Just know that I appreciate you very, very, much and I'm looking forward to the new posts coming soon!! Keep up the good work :) ~Darby

By Blogger Darby, at 22 March, 2012 16:30  

Guilty as charged - theres so much here to feed my addiction that I sometimes (OK usually) forget to comment - if it wasnt for you I'd never have discovered Victoire Scott amongst others. Do not stop - its very important for my sanity too !

By Blogger Bel Mondo, at 22 March, 2012 19:45  

Admittedly, even though I visit blowupdoll literally every day, I haven't been posting comments as often as I used to. But as you can see from what we've all said, you're pretty much an institution at this point, mordi. :-)
You keep posting, we'll keep visiting! And thanks as always for all the fab new vintage sounds!

By Blogger Davecat, at 23 March, 2012 01:19  

Definitely. I've been visiting the blog for years and it's introduced me to so much! Also, being a French-speaking person, it's been good to get such good French music to listen to. So thanks, please keep it up!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 March, 2012 02:28  

Always a site worth checking!
Been enjoying for years, good sir. Please know you are appreciated, for the things you've shared on this site and an ace CD mix you sent me ages ago.
Keep the goodies rolling. You have great taste.


By Anonymous Tommy, at 24 March, 2012 19:53  

i, too, am among the guilty--even though i've benefited greatly over the years from the sounds and pictures you provide. Merci beaucoups!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 March, 2012 20:21  

Personally I hate to leave comments on Blogspot. Maybe there is something you could improve there...

By Blogger SG, at 24 March, 2012 23:36  

Mordi, you owe it to future generations to keep going. How would we educate our children about the true yeye without Blowup Doll?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 March, 2012 00:30  

I don't always post a comment, but you are never far from my thoughts. Whenever I stumble upon something I believe might be of interest to you, I find you have already been there! Okay, there was that fun article about The Cake, but it's true, you've gotten to all the good stuff way ahead of me. Let me add the video I watched last night. I purchased the Criterion Collection blu-ray of Antichrist and I found it includes a 45 minute interview with Charlotte Gainsbourg (actually, it's only CG visible or speaking, all en français) discussing the entire process of that film, nothing held back. You've probably already seen this, perhaps it was a TV show in France. If not, than I am happy to give something back for the years of essential music to which you've guided me.

By Blogger Jay Schiavone, at 25 March, 2012 17:50  

i haven't seen the antichrist bonus- i couldn't bear to watch the film again. i love cg and i loved her screaming 'you bastard' in the woods (ringtone still available here: http://blow-up-doll.blogspot.co.uk/2010/05/charlotte-for-ever.html) but i couldn't stomach the whole film again!

and jay, (and everyone who emails me) - i am ALWAYS really touched that people think of me and send me articles, pics, songs etc - it's great to hear from others and see and hear new things!

By Blogger mordi, at 25 March, 2012 18:20  

I just never know what to say! Thanks for all the rareties and dolls, monsieur! Without this blog my work weeks would be a million times more dull.



By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 March, 2012 22:32  

Ooops, sorry. I download loads of stuff you post and it's never even occurred to me to comment, how very selfish of me. Your posts are always fabulous and an education to someone like me who is a recent convert. Your time and effort posting such gems are much appreciated, thank you so much. I will try to remember to comment more in future!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 March, 2012 21:00  

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