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Friday, January 20, 2012

that hardy girl - friday

time to get back to blowupdolls roots - a week of francoise. yay!

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This is one of my favourite Francoise songs; she just sings her heart out, which she rarely does. :)

By Blogger Melee, at 20 January, 2012 21:08  

FH in her Vogue years -- the best of the best.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2012 23:08  

do you know the original italian version sung by Mina ? That's a masterpiece too, very catchy and dramatic :" Se telephonando" Good discover !

By Anonymous serge964, at 22 January, 2012 15:26  

funnily enough i do! i was talking to someone about mina just the other day - i love this clip of her doing a sonny and cher in a bob fosse style:

By Blogger mordi, at 22 January, 2012 17:51  

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