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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

rare chantal

could this be another blowupdoll exclusive?
a massive thanks goes to blowup buddy heather for sharing this super rare chantal track. not only that, it's also bloody brilliant!

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8 comment(s):

Nice one mordi! Haven't listened yet (it's downloading now...) but I'm sure it's a good 'un, with your track record (no pun intended)!

Loving the Paris Sisters (and Priscilla Paris's solo stuff) right now. Also the lovely Susan Jacks and the Poppy Family.

There's just TOO MUCH good music around! I'll never get a chance to hear it all!!! BUT... I'll have fun trying! :-D

By Anonymous S Brown, at 02 February, 2010 19:45  

Finally a GOOD post, your blog is again in my favs.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 February, 2010 02:06  

Hey there Mordi!

I'm sorry, but I did not visit your blog when you published "Petit sucre", can you re-publish it? Pleasee! hehe

José Pablo

PS: Pleaseee

By Anonymous José Pablo, at 03 February, 2010 22:12  


By Blogger mordi, at 03 February, 2010 22:22  

Mordi? Sorry for this new post, I found "Petit sucre" in my iPod lol, I can't remember when I downloaded it, but thank you so much for both songs that you've published of great Chantal Kelly, one of the best highlights of your blog!


By Anonymous JP, at 04 February, 2010 04:51  

"a good post?" - fuck off! where's your blog?
cheeky sod. x

By Blogger mordi, at 04 February, 2010 21:47  

Well, that's what I think. Personally, your last posts are better.


PS: I do not have to love ALL your stuff, but I recognize you have a great blog.

C'mon, as if I didn't know how I close my messages

By Anonymous JP, at 05 February, 2010 00:38  

Cool!! I've loved Chantal Kelly ever since you did a week of her. :)

By Blogger Melee, at 19 February, 2010 21:06  

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