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Sunday, November 22, 2009

un homme et une femme - sunday

a week of he she duets!
p.s. blowupdoll is now 5 years old!

12 comment(s):

Congrats on 5 fantastic years of introducing us to the "classics," Mordi. I only wish I had been along for the ride for all 5.

Here's wishing you many more years of success.

By Blogger Charley, at 22 November, 2009 12:17  

Thank you so much for this beautiful post.

Your site rules!

If you'd like to visit ours :


Keep up the good work!

By Blogger Fabien, at 22 November, 2009 12:24  

wow happy b-day

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 November, 2009 12:56  

Duets? My favorite!

Happy anniversary!

By Blogger Tutti Jackson, at 22 November, 2009 13:34  

"Un homme et Une femme" theme, I'm already loving this!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 November, 2009 21:14  

outrageously beautiful song. i think she's my favorite doll.

By Blogger jay, at 24 November, 2009 06:45  

The man singing with Claudine is Andy Williams. You know that Mordi? :)

By Blogger Unknown, at 25 November, 2009 21:39  

are you sure? isn't that just what people assume?

By Blogger mordi, at 25 November, 2009 21:52  

are you sure? isn't that just what people assume?

By Blogger mordi, at 25 November, 2009 21:52  

No, I'm afraid I'm just one of those people. If it is him, he didn't sing it like he normally did. She calls the man Andre', I don't know of any renowned French singers called Andre' at the time. Bottom line, it's a great song and thanks for the fresh copy. :)

By Blogger Unknown, at 26 November, 2009 03:14  


By Blogger Guuzbourg, at 27 November, 2009 12:15  

Congratulations Mordi! Thanks so much for all the marvy tunes over the years! You've really broaden my musical vocabulary. Great choice (naturally) on the Claudine song. Looking forward to the next 5 years!

By Blogger Bradley, at 05 December, 2009 15:27  

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