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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

re-post requests week - tuesday

requested by heaven-nightmare (oddly enough, i have never actually posted this before!)

5 comment(s):

Now I'm dreaming of a yé-yé Halloween mix.

Maybe Christine Pilzer's Dracula
and Claudine Longet's Sleep Safe and Warm...Suggestions?

By Blogger Tutti Jackson, at 13 October, 2009 22:58  

Keeping with a J.-C. Vannier dolls theme, any chance you have 'Les bottes de caoutchouc' by Edwige?

By Blogger EJ, at 14 October, 2009 09:24  

Wonderful! Can you bring back "Chasse-neige" and "Caméléon caméléon"? It would be so nice :-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 October, 2009 20:37  

more more more france gall!!

love it like i love nerfertiti

do you have any Chantal Goya pre children's television show? masculine feminin godard era? would love to hear some of those songs

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 October, 2009 01:54  

i'm sure i've done a goya week before but i'd be more than happy to do another one...

By Blogger mordi, at 25 October, 2009 15:53  

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