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Saturday, August 22, 2009

girl in the striped poloneck

in november 2006 i posted a track by the postmarks which went down really well with blowupdoll readers due to their mix of doll vocals, 60's stylings and indie pop vibe. now they have a new album out and you must listen to this track from the album- it's cinematic and dollicious-
good, no?
check them out on myspace too.

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Wow I've never heard of The Postmarks before, but I like what I hear - those sweeping cinematic strings and widescreen production, will be perfect for our sister night Tonight We Fly!

on first listen it really reminds me of My Life Story, and the girl's vocal shares something with Helen from Ladytron. Will definitely be visiting their myspace this week.

thanks for the music
Dom @ L'Amour Electronique

By Blogger Dom, at 22 August, 2009 17:10  

Excellent, mordi!

Listened to this track (I was greatly impressed) and very quickly found a version of them doing Saint Nancy's 'You Only Live Twice'. Apparently they have an album full of cover version. Lovely.


By Blogger The Adolescent 46 Year Old, at 22 August, 2009 18:10  

Great track Mordi! Your taste is exquisite as always!

By Blogger Bradley, at 24 August, 2009 14:21  

this is the best album I've listened to all summer. how did you find this lovely Gem?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 August, 2009 23:06  

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