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Sunday, February 08, 2009

c.l. week - sunday

who?! c'mon you know who she is- she is responsible for one of the grooviest yé-yé tracks ever: 'les filles c'est fait...' which you must already have as it is a 60's francophiles necessity.
instead you are going to hear brand new charlotte songs starting with this (ok, some of you may know this!)

this week is being made entirely possible as the every marvy readysteadygirls has worked hard to collect these new songs and there some new pics to come too!

if you don't know readysteadygirls- put it on your favourites now! it's full of great articles, music clips and photos of retro dolls that are often featured here.

4 comment(s):

Once again a new song for me ! Of course i knew the great "les filles c'est fait pour faire l'amour".
In "tu peux souffrir" her voice reminds me of Sheila !! My God it is so similar !

You know this summer in a market in Corsica i found a brand new EP of Charlotte Leslie (of the 60s) for 1 euro. I bought it right away and believe me it was very very different from "les filles c'est fait" or "allez tu peux souffrir". It was so boring and slow ! I couldnt imagine it was the same girl. So bad that i sold it on ebay ;-) héhéhéhé

By Blogger Nonosse, at 08 February, 2009 13:29  

i wonder if those 'slow' songs will appear this week on blowupdoll...wait and see! x

By Blogger mordi, at 08 February, 2009 16:23  

Ah ? are you the one who brought it from me ? hahaha

By Blogger Nonosse, at 08 February, 2009 21:03  

Now i saw the sleeves on "readysteadygirls" i realize that the EP i was talking about was the one featuring..."allez tu peux souffrir" ! No wonder it sounded familiar to me :-)

By Blogger Nonosse, at 09 February, 2009 22:57  

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