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Monday, November 10, 2008

delaroche week - monday

i am going to try and bring you a whole week of the excellent but often forgotten about christine. she focused more on acting than singing but some of her music is beyond amazing. this being a marvy example.

i think i have enough good songs for a 5 day christine delaroche week - can anyone help me for day 6 and 7?- i am looking for 'demain on se marie', 'une fleur', 'avec des larmes' or 'les bons et les mauvais' - basically any 60's song where she doesn't do the high pitched warbling!

2 comment(s):

A Christine Delaroche week? And you started with my favourite song of hers. Nice one, Mordi!

I was unaware she took acting roles (even as recent as last year), but she was apparently in two episodes of 'The New Avengers'. Now that's fab. :-)

By Blogger Davecat, at 10 November, 2008 22:44  

Well I don't have any of the songs in the list but I have another song if you're interested: le 4e titre

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 November, 2008 01:43  

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