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Saturday, February 02, 2008

FG week - Saturday

time to finish off the week with a gainsbourg track from 72.

3 comment(s):

Thanks for that wonderful week ;-) I guess there should be a France Gall's Month ;-)
My fav one is "Cet air là"..
And by the way "Les petits ballons" is a bit too vulgar for a queen like her.. Serge has always found it funny to make a fool of her.. Pfff
But "il me reste cet air lààààààà" ;-) so I'm happy ;-)
thanks again ;-)
Have you seen the video for In my Arms ? It's a wonder ;-)

By Anonymous Nathanael, at 02 February, 2008 12:47  

love 'in my arms' vid- (not that keen on the yellow dress but LOVE the giant fan! (v. grace jones)

By Blogger mordi, at 02 February, 2008 18:09  

Wow, thank you for dedicating a whole week for THE France Gall!! Love her!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 February, 2008 08:30  

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