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Saturday, June 25, 2005

no brain

fantata piece of witty swedish electro pop.
click pay tv here

8 comment(s):

Wow. Love the breaks and voices.
Do you got other nice songs by them to recommend?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 June, 2005 12:26  

I've just found the videoclip it's really nice too:

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 June, 2005 12:38  

their only other song (as far i know) is called TRENDY DISCOTEQUE - i posted it a few months ago and it's also really good.

By Blogger mordi, at 25 June, 2005 14:19  

Utter trash disco. The video is amazing too. Makes Bodies Without Organs sound like Coldplay.

Oh Ambassador, with all these songs you are really spoiling us, yes?

By Blogger Andrew, at 25 June, 2005 18:10  

Nice websight mate.

By Blogger Andrew, at 25 June, 2005 18:11  

Great tune! Love that body-remix of Refrain Refrain too, sounds like Blackstrobe in overdrive.

By Blogger Guuzbourg, at 27 June, 2005 21:23  

:D found ur site whilst loooking for some decent new, er, news on the threesome.

trndy discotheque is class - n' so is refrain.

fischerspooner should work with paytv.



By Blogger Commander Ragnor, at 06 July, 2005 18:09  

But you should really check out the cooler Swedes in MEINE KLEINE DEUTSCHE. www.mkd.se has MP3s, the band has an EP and an album out so far.

By Blogger The Zero Boy, at 06 September, 2005 19:40  

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