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Saturday, April 16, 2005

mordi can read

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i'm not the kind of person that normally 'joins in'- but I'm making an exception.
one man safari sent me this, and since some of my answers are quite blowupdoll, I thought 'why not'....

1) You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451; which book do you want to be?
any book that destroys the memory of whitney houston would be nice.

2) Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

3) What are you currently reading?
i am reading 'star' by the fabulous pamela anderson- but it's so badly written, it makes jackie collins looks like charles dickens.

4) The last book you bought was:
can't remember. although I tried to buy Candy Darlings autobiography on ebay but got outbid.

5) The last book you read was:
'edie' - the story of edie sedgewick, the ultimate warhol superstar

6) Five books you would take to a desert island:
1. 'i dream of madonna'- such a great book, full of womens dreams about the queen of pop- really raggy stories!

2. 'the andy warhol diaries' because it is huge and would give me alot to read whilst making me jealous that i never got to hang out with bianca at studio 54.

3. 'hollywood babylon' fabulous tinseltown trash. yucky pics and tasty gossip.

4. 'as tears go by'- marianne faithfulls autobiography. it made me want to become a junkie.

5. 'the male cross dressers support group' by tama janowitz. it was my fave book about 10 years ago- i only read it once but i totally loved it.

7) Who are you going to pass this stick to, and why?
whateva sista
home taping is killing music

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♥ edie segdwick and andy warhol

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 April, 2005 14:59  

One more catched by this meme. :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 April, 2005 17:30  

Shit. I was sent this too for my website, but all I read is Heat Magazine and lots of porn.

No point in trying to answer the questions huh.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 April, 2005 21:58  

loves it.


By Blogger Erin, at 24 April, 2005 07:32  

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