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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

i wouldn't die 4 u

she has the most awful voice i've ever heard. there is nothing cool about her. she was a shit pop star. but somehow she made this excellent song.
click martika here

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Another example of Prince turning something crap into something wonderful!

The whole Martika's Kitchen project was nothing short of a triumph!

By Blogger Jon, at 16 February, 2005 18:54  


I met Martika in her dressing room when I was a teenage reporter and she was about to lipsync Love Thy Will Be Done on a TV show — she was pop incarnate, the poppiest pop star I ever came across (her and Usher, although I only discovered Usher was Usher after he had gone).


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 February, 2005 14:11  

I love Martika growing up, but you're right, this is one of the few songs that has really held up well.


By Blogger Erin, at 18 February, 2005 18:53  

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