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Friday, December 10, 2004

you take my breath away

the knife rule. this song is amazing.
check out the video : ace!
click the knife here

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Hey, pretty funky blog!!!Lots of fun,and you've got some great music people listed.Dusty Springfield,and the Supremes!!! ALRIGHT!! Yes,you are right,I am jealous,you have a lot more fun than me. ha ha. Course,I am closer to san francisco, than you; I recommend it. (Well,it ain't whatit usedto be, though;no jobs,high rent,businesses all movin out.ugh.American economy!!!) Hey,but I predict, my country is going to lose that war in Iraq;all signs point to it.It is out of control over there,and Bush has no brain what to do. It's gone. Also,Americans are sick to death of big wars.We are!!Sick to death of em. Yeah,Bush is in office,but half the country voted for the other guy, too. This country is on the skids,but,hey,try to have fun;the whole world is bad off,they say. Good blog!!Congrats!!!--sincerely, a fellow blogger, "dorothyblueeyes," in Concord, California, USA :)

By Blogger dorothyblueeyes, at 10 December, 2004 18:40  

yeah, The Knife are great, they were one of the first things I posted at An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming... like what you're doing with the blog, focused in a way ours will never be...

By Blogger Loki, at 10 December, 2004 21:03  

I've been wanting to hear some of the The Knife's original stuff ever since I heard the Rex the Dog remix of "Heartbeats" (which is ace!).

Thanks for the MP3. I love the sad steel drums melody.

By Blogger >>>>SN, at 12 December, 2004 16:21  

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