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Sunday, November 14, 2004

forgotten hero

my hero. she sung anything brilliantly.
click claudine here

3 comment(s):

Thanks for the song, I love Claudine, she is so good,
only have a couple of her songs, thanks for giving me another one!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 November, 2004 22:02  

She's not a hero of mine, but I do have most of her music on cd. I was watching A&E American Justice a few days ago and they ran a story called "Aspen: Murder on the Slopes"...has anyone else seem it? Lots of Claudine photos that I had never seen and also some footage of her making a statement on the Pritkin County Courthouse steps after the the verdict was read. It's interesting to me that there have been no new photos published of her in the last 30 years...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 November, 2004 22:13  

Do you have any more of her songs?

By Blogger Lloyd, at 15 November, 2004 23:44  

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