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Sunday, October 16, 2016

walk this way

the much anticipated album from lia is just about to drop. so far, her appreciation and understanding of all the music we love (claudine, france, nancy, twinkle, jeanette) has shone through so brilliantly on the songs she's released or made available on youtube. so her album has a lot to live up to...!
the first song released 'walking away' was understated and heartfelt, the second song 'sycamore tree' sees lia channelling her inner claudine longet - it's cute, genuine and most of all not a pastiche. i can't wait for the album (pleased to see 'party in the night' will be on it too)

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Love this gal! Just ordered the LP, can't wait to get it :)

By Anonymous Christine, at 21 October, 2016 14:14  

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