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Sunday, December 13, 2015

music music music 2015

here is my list of the best of 2015. 

there were some major disappointments (mylene farmer i mean you!) and some that i feel i should of got into but just couldn't be bothered (lou doillon) but also some fantastic music worth checking out if you don't know them. 

if there's anything not on the list that you think i need to know about, let me know! 
so, in no particular order......

2 comment(s):

Dear Mordi,
I'm shocked that you love the Madonna and hate the Mylène Farmer. To me it's totally the contrary.
My favorite discs of the year are Cathy Claret and Laure Briard.
My disappointments are Coeur de Pirate (so not inspired!) and La Grande Sophie (still good but she usually does better).

By Anonymous Seb Seb, at 01 January, 2016 11:19  

mylene just wasnt dancey enough for me with this album :(
i don't know cathy or laure so i'll check them out - thanks!
and i'll definitely check out la grande sophie too - i've liked some of her past work


By Blogger mordi, at 04 January, 2016 10:58  

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