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Saturday, June 20, 2015

who she?!

if you like moroder style disco or nu synth then you'll love this. 
you may love it even more when you realise she used to be a ye-ye icon.

4 comment(s):

So good! Thanks! Didn't Chantal Kelly also transition into this kind of stuff?

By Anonymous Astan Kelly, at 06 July, 2015 19:24  

i think chantal was a bit later - like early 80s synth (think lio)
here is a video of it:



By Blogger mordi, at 07 July, 2015 16:02  

Sounds like Space (Magic Fly). I wouldn't be surprised if it's a Didier Marouani production.

By Anonymous Pascal Schlaefli, at 21 July, 2015 13:00  

this isn't much help-

By Blogger mordi, at 22 July, 2015 14:27  

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