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Saturday, August 23, 2014

she's back!

after my rant about alizee over a year ago where i disowned her (!) after her last album and her duet with norman wisdom-a-like olly murs - she is back. she won 'dance avec les stars' (dancing with the stars/strictly come dancing) and now has released a new album; 'blonde'- and it's good! the title track is a bit naff but the rest bring her back on form. with help from pascal obispo (love his own song 'fan') and zazie (too many good songs to name here) - she even sings a song titled 'mylene farmer'........!
listen to this track with lyrics by zazie. 

welcome back alizee (don't fuck it up again please)

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3 comment(s):

Sorry can't agree. While it's no way near as dire as "Une enfant du siecle" it's safe, formalistic Euro-pop that not particularly challenging for either the listener or the artist. Alizee has a great voice and after last year's "5" I was really hoping she was going to continue to push a more expansive style, instead she's unfortunately played safe. We and she deserve better.

By Blogger SteveJinSoCal, at 23 August, 2014 19:21  

but i like a bit of europop! i don't have the expectation that alizee will challenge me - just provide a good solid bit of pop. nothing more less :)
and une enfant du siecle is a near masterpiece!
'5' is unlistenabale.
we might agree on her back tattoo though - YUCK!

By Blogger mordi, at 24 August, 2014 00:02  

"i don't have the expectation that alizee will challenge me - just provide a good solid bit of pop. nothing more less "

agreed. and agreed on tbe tattoo front... she is, however, of course still stunning

By Anonymous Andrew, at 29 August, 2014 09:50  

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