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Sunday, April 06, 2014

end of an era..?

blowupdoll has being going almost 10 years - and to be honest it was the first of its kind- there were no other music blogs dedicated to (mainly) 60s french pop. other like-minded blogs have come and gone (some brilliant, some not so much) but i've stuck around! personally, i think i was, and am the best of its kind. but i'm finding it increasingly challenging to regularly post music that i haven't already posted before. i don't want to feel like i'm constantly repeating myself. 

 i dont want to give this up but i also don't want to feel pressured into posting just anything. so i've taken the decision to slow down a bit - if i feel a burning urge to post a song then i will but i can't keep trying to post something every few days. if i find a video i'll share that too but again, only when the urge hits me or when something is new to me or if i know you'll get a kick out of it.

 the best way to keep up to date with me is to follow this blog via blogger. i am on twitter, but to be honest i hardly ever tweet. or just check back every now and then.

 but please stay in touch - i feel like i have made so many friends through blowupdoll - who have kept me motivated and have shared music, pictures, asked for and offered help - so please don't stop keeping in touch (you can always email me or post a comment)  i will still be around - just less frequently. 

mordi xxx

don't forget about my beautiful claudine longet blog - that's still around!

14 comment(s):

Thank you for all the beautiful music Mordi!

By Blogger Tutti Jackson, at 06 April, 2014 15:40  


Totally understand about you wanting to take a hiatus. Step back, enjoy your marriage, enjoy your life, enjoy some ye-ye without having to necessarily write about it... and then return to blowupdoll at a later date, refreshed and renewed. Take a nap!

Thanks for ten years (!!) of new old sounds, and we'll see you when you return, Mordi! :-)

By Blogger Davecat, at 07 April, 2014 06:50  

Mordi! I've been following your blog for years. What an amazing work you've done for all of us. Have you ever considered compiling ALL the music and maybe creating a huge torrent file with all of it. A legacy/backup of BlowUp?
Thanks, thanks, thanks.

By Blogger Juan D. Obando, at 07 April, 2014 13:01  

Thank you for introducing France Gall and Francoise Hardy to me. I've been reading this blog from time to time since...2005 I guess. Thank you!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 April, 2014 18:01  

thank you for so many years of dedication to yé-yé!

i understand your need to slow things down, but i'm sure i'm not the only one who find it's as much a joy to be reminded of an old song i've not heard in a while, as it is to be introduced to something new.

i hope you enjoy your hiatus, and i'll be looking forward to your posts -- and more exciting music -- as much as i always have!

By Anonymous ligne, at 07 April, 2014 19:22  

Merci d'avoir fait découvrir tout un pan de la musique pop des sixties, des artistes éphémères ou inoubliables, merci pour cette passion que tu as fait naître chez beaucoup de visiteurs. A bientôt alors.

By Anonymous serge964, at 08 April, 2014 16:53  


blowupdoll has been, & will always be, THE BEST site featuring our favorite French filles & all the other lovely ladies of Europop days gone by..

You have posted some terrific music throughout the years that I have really enjoyed, and probably wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

I understand wanting to slow down with the blogging.. it can be a lot of work and become time-consuming. So please don't feel pressured to have to keep at it if posting seems more like a chore than the enjoyment it should be.

Be happy! Enjoy life! And whenever you feel like posting, sporadically or regularly, I'll still be checking in from time to time :)

Take care! Love, ~Darby

By Blogger Darby, at 08 April, 2014 18:56  

ah, sad times!
I've only been following for the last year or two but in that time I've discovered so many great tunes and this has become my No1 blog to check whenever I'm online

I'll keep checking, and hopefully those burning urges come along more often than you're expecting!

By Blogger Unknown, at 10 April, 2014 21:20  

Don't feel pressure to post, just post whenever you feel, no pressure or anything.

By Anonymous Abi, at 10 April, 2014 21:53  

Mordi, thank you so much for all the great music, especially Victoire Scott (still missing that last track!) and Jeanette Dimech. Enjoy the break & hopefully we will hear from you again some time in the future!
Regards, bikeboy.

By Blogger bikeboy, at 11 April, 2014 08:00  


Yours is and was one of the best music blogs around, and I fully understand your desire to post when the spirit strikes, not on a schedule. I'm thankful you're just slowing down a bit. Thanks so much for introducing me to some awesome music and photos. I probably never would have known about one of my now-favorite musical genres, the French ye-ye. I'll drop by from time-to-time to see what you've posted.

You've made at least one friend here in the states, something for which I am grateful. Bon chance with your future ventures, and I look forward to checking in to see what morsels you've come up with to share with us.

All my best,


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 April, 2014 20:06  

Thank you Mordi for your hard work.
I will keep on checking your blog (and the Claudine one of course).

By Anonymous Seb Seb, at 14 April, 2014 17:29  

Thank yo uagain for your blog: I read it for years :D

By Blogger Jerom, at 15 May, 2014 23:25  

Mordi, All I want to say is: thank you for posting so wonderful music. Thanks to you I find and I know who is Sylvie Vartan, France Gall and Françoise Hardy. Sergio from the argentine patagonia.

By Blogger Sergio, at 27 May, 2014 02:49  

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