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Sunday, October 20, 2013

and here it is...!

i was starting to think i'd never hear this song until fane pointed me in the right direction, then massive thanks to aaron and justus for make it possible for me to share this super rare track with you. 
you will not be disappointed! (google translates the title as old sausages(!?) - can anyone suggest what the title actually means?)

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6 comment(s):

BRILLIANT tune, and goodlookin' sleeve too.

By Anonymous Copenhagen'71, at 20 October, 2013 11:01  

Thanks so much for sharing, I love it!

The title does in fact mean "old saussages" and there is imagery of hanging sausages in the song for a joke, but I believe that "vieux saucissons" in French is a way of saying "oldtimers". I've seen the phrase used to mean old classic songs, which is the case here.

This is another Stella song about music. She sings about unearthing, digging up old songs that were "covered in dust" and "almost at the cemetary". She says that adaptations and young idols are out and exhuming old songs is in. She makes a reference to the old songs "Les roses blanches" and "Riquita" in the beginning.

By Anonymous Erin, at 20 October, 2013 15:40  

erin- thanks so much - that's really useful to know!

By Blogger mordi, at 20 October, 2013 16:44  

I would have preferred her talking about old dicks, but it's all good.

Thank you very much.

By Blogger Dolmance, at 21 October, 2013 09:33  

brilliant dolmance :)

By Blogger mordi, at 21 October, 2013 11:31  

Great brass arrangement!

By Blogger Jerom, at 02 November, 2013 17:42  

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