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Friday, July 26, 2013

will you remember?

she is really is a quintessential doll of the 80's. and this song still blows my mind. it's an absolute classic. it's got everything going for it. written by the PSB, great production, her breathy doll vocals and a little bit of french too.

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and she was sooo pretty until she ruined her looks with those damn lips, why do they do that?

By Blogger Tutta Rolf, at 27 July, 2013 12:47  

i know - totally unecessary

By Blogger mordi, at 29 July, 2013 22:57  

"This shared file or folder link has been removed." can you please re-upload the song?

By Blogger Jerom, at 23 August, 2013 15:13  

since it's you jerom - yes!

By Blogger mordi, at 23 August, 2013 16:11  

Thank you Mordi!Yeah, great track ...and I love the PSB too^^

By Blogger Jerom, at 23 August, 2013 20:08  

jerom- have you ever checked out the album 'petshopping' by the west end girls? a swedish girl duo who covered psb songs - some of it is quite good!

By Blogger mordi, at 24 August, 2013 19:01  

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