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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

anniemal 3

is this song really about 40 mosquitoes or is that just a bad google translation?! either way this is just great - turn it up!

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7 comment(s):

Ah thank you for the new obsession! These songs are so great. I've had to convert more of her songs from youtube out of desperation. Guess I have to head to ebay.

By Anonymous Sam, at 24 January, 2013 19:58  

try and see if you can buy L'Integrale Sixties - Annie Philippe - it will give you everything you need!

By Blogger mordi, at 26 January, 2013 16:43  

I've been looking for L'Integrale Sixties myself, found one copy but it's over 60 quid!

By Blogger Unknown, at 27 January, 2013 07:43  

Yup! Mosquitoes and all kinds of other nonsensical lyrics. Thanks for all the great tracks by the way, and for indulging my requests for Christie Laume a while ago! Love this blog, been following it for years. Thanks for sparking my love for yéyé!


By Blogger Miss Lady, at 01 February, 2013 09:46  

thanks emma!

By Blogger mordi, at 01 February, 2013 18:33  

In french, a "maringouin" is actually a mosquito... but only in America (West Indies, Guyana, Canada).
In France we say "moustique".

By Blogger Michel-Eric Cabaret, at 08 February, 2013 12:56  

ah! thanks!

By Blogger mordi, at 08 February, 2013 17:45  

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