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Sunday, November 11, 2012

francoise reviewed

i don't normally review albums - but i had so much to say about her new album 'l'amour fou' (released last week) that i needed to get it out!
the title track with its simple piano rift and with echos of' 'message personnel' (as she talks through much of it) gets it off to a good start then the next song HAS NO TUNE WHATSOEVER - to sum it up in one word would be 'dirge'. 'mal au coeur' at least has a tune but it reminds me of the dullest of francoise in the late 70s/early 80s. 'normandia' is one of the better songs - it feels like francoise in the better part of the 70s. the album is full of very simple piano melodies and this song makes good use of that. 'pourquoi vous' took time to like but now I really like it's gentleness. track 8, again keeps on with the simplistic piano motif with a familiar classic late 70s vibe. there are two main trains of thought i have when listening the album, the first , and I quote mama cass here ; "i'm waiting for a song that never comes" - many of the songs dont go anywhere, i keep waiting for them to do something, to pick up the pace or the melody but they just don't. the second thought is that at times she sounds bit like marianne faithful from the 80s  - you can hear her age on this album, i'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing - it just seems to impact on her vocal range.
the album isn't awful, just very very disappointing.

what are your views?!

4 comment(s):

I have been listening to the new album on the stereo, while I'm in & around the house & after giving it so many listens, the songs have really grown on me. I have to be in a certain mood sometimes to get into a new album, and I like this one by Françoise. 'Rendez-vous dans une autre vie', 'Si vous n'avez rien à me dire' & 'Pourquoi vous?' are my stand-out favorites, at the moment..

By Blogger Darby, at 15 November, 2012 22:59  

i think i've been quite hard on her because i agree there are a few nice songs on there

By Blogger mordi, at 16 November, 2012 18:17  

I liked the album after many listens; it's more classical than pop. Her voice is more mature, yes, but more passionate as well. There a certain urgency in her voice, like she's reaching out. She sounds haunted but also at ease, it's odd. To me the album evokes a somber, rainy winter day in the woods. Walter Scott or Emily Brontë come to my mind. It's cohesive whereas La pluie sans parapluie was not. It's a sad and melancholic album, but all her albums are. The problem is the arrangement, which sound out of date. I always hope she turns to electronic or ambient. It'd be great if she does some trip-hop, not bouncy but ethereal music, something with Massive Attack.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 November, 2012 00:12  

I agree in some points but you have to take in consideration her age, she will never sing with the tune she had in the 60s like la masange or comme. It is kind of dull but that doesnt mean you cant enjoy the whole album while riding the bus looking out through the window. what i havent liked about the latest fh albums is the lack of heartbrokeness that used to define her early works.

By Blogger Mauricio xD, at 22 December, 2012 01:33  

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