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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

c'est cleo!

cleo seems like one of the harder dolls to find - there's a few classics appearing on compilation cds but lots of her other songs seems to have got lost- but no more! i'm going to bring you a few songs that hopefully you've not heard before - they are all 'aiff' files so i hope you can play them - they work ok on my laptop but you may need to convert them. here's a great song to start you off with

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4 comment(s):

Delightful tune. Thank you ! --reader

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 October, 2012 05:25  

Thank you!

... but why do you use these huge .AIFF files (25Mo per file) ?! I think MP3 or OGG compressions are a better way to share file with a similar quality ;)

By Blogger Jerom, at 07 October, 2012 09:32  

hi jerom, the person who originally shared these songs with me sent them to me in aiff format and i don't know how to convert them into anything else!

By Blogger mordi, at 07 October, 2012 13:52  

OK! if you're interested i converted these 3 Cleo files in MP 320kbps (simlar quality but compressed) in this .rar archive https://www.box.com/s/i039urgcr49z4qitfnxn ;)

By Blogger Jerom, at 10 October, 2012 21:44  

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