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Sunday, September 23, 2012

maid in paris

priscilla, lead singer of the paris sisters (i love how you love me) released 2 albums as a solo artist- both now reissued on one cd - 14 of the songs were written by priscilla herself - and they are great - way better than her cover versions. think julie london, nancy sinatra and cool 60's chicks.
thanks to guuzbourg!

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Thanks again. Great find! Manc Neil.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 September, 2012 18:03  

This sounds great. Also reminds me of the eraly Marianne Faithfull. I'll certainly check out the cd!

By Anonymous Bombong, at 24 September, 2012 22:03  

Very nice song & artist, thanks for the share & to guuzbourg .. btw, looking forward to the new Fran├žoise Hardy album in November :)

By Blogger Darby, at 25 September, 2012 20:20  

Thank you for this ! The comparison with the late, great Julie London is very apt ( was listening to her cover of Jim Morrison's & the Doors' ' Light My Fire ' just the other day on the anniversary of her birthday ) . --reader

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 September, 2012 16:25  

great post, never heard of this girl, sounds like the sort of thing Lee Hazlewod might write for Nancy, Might buy the cd if there's anything else as good as this on it

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 November, 2012 00:12  

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