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Friday, April 13, 2012

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Just yesterday I dreamt of the possibility of some "new" Leonie tracks. I am so happy!!! Any idea as to who wrote/produced this?

By Anonymous Astan Kelly, at 13 April, 2012 14:55  

and your dreams are coming true!
this was written by s. poitrenaud and all the tracks are credited as "avec JC Vannier et son orchestre" so can we assume from this that vannier produced all these tracks as well as her later songs?

By Blogger mordi, at 13 April, 2012 16:45  

Her voice isn't as chirpier with this song as it is with her later hit 'Elisabetti', oddly enough; you'd think it'd be the reverse. But that EP's a gem to have uncovered!

By Blogger Davecat, at 14 April, 2012 02:59  

thank you to mordi and fane for the new LĂ©onie tracks!! ~Darby

By Blogger Darby, at 18 April, 2012 20:21  


By Anonymous Chris, at 20 April, 2012 23:30  

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