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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

made in china

we all know that serge had the magic touch when it came to writing for women. but something didn't work out when he wrote an album for his wife bambou (named because she smoked opium a lot) - it was a total flop.
think charlottes wonderful charlotte for ever album mixed with grace jones inside story album - see! that doesn't sound too bad does it?! bambous voice is good enough - again it's reminiscent of charlotte or isabelle adjani. what lets this album down the most is the cheap production and god awful male voice that keeps cropping up - sometimes singing with bambou, sometimes just singing hideous back up.
anyway, the album is bloody hard to get hold of, so for the next few days i hope to bring bambou to a new audience who can give her appreciation she deserves.

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AMAZING!!! I've never been able to track this album down but was always intrigued by the (typical Gainsbourg) ethnically insensitive song titles...

A shame poor old Serge didn't seem to be on form for this one, particularly after Jane's fab Lost Song the year before. But hey late 80s Serge was always more miss than hit.

Love this blog - thanks so much!

By Anonymous Joe, at 12 January, 2012 21:27  

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