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Sunday, January 15, 2012

made in china 5

BAMBOU - LULU (1986)
this ode to her and serges son lucien (lulu) wasn't on her 'made in china' album and actually gives a better idea of where her music might have gone next. a much better song, with better production and much better male vocals!- clearly sounding more gainsbourgy. the b-side 'shanghai' is also not available on her album -you can hear it below - but does anyone have an mp3 of it (or can anyone rip it for me?!)

hope you've enjoyed these bambou days!

5 comment(s):

I've enjoyed these Bambou posts, Mordi.. I liked 'J'ai pleuré la yang tsé' & the Marc Levine duets the most.. ~Darby

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 January, 2012 12:37  

I did not really enjoy them because I am not really interested in her. "Lulu" is the only song I like.

I also like her performance on "Opium" by Jacques Dutronc and you may like this one too if you don't already know it.

By Anonymous Seb Seb, at 18 January, 2012 18:30  

no i didn't know about that so i'll be sure to check it out

By Blogger mordi, at 18 January, 2012 18:37  

Hey Mordi,

I've kinda blotted out this tail-end of the Gainsbourg story, but hey - now I hear them, these songs grow on me!

I've ripped the "shanghai" song to an aif audio file for you, and will email it now!

A bientot, Scott

By Blogger Scott, at 19 January, 2012 00:10  

merci scott!
i blot out tail end SG too but i'm always open to tail end SG dolls!

By Blogger mordi, at 19 January, 2012 16:37  

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