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Saturday, July 02, 2011

radio lala

jingle 1 - les grolles + jingle 2 - le mille pattes
thanks to the amazing research skills of jez- here are 2 wonderful french radio jingle ads for eram shoes by....................well, i won't tell you who! have a listen then guess below!

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Probably wrong, but I'll guess France Gall.

By Anonymous Abi, at 02 July, 2011 21:54  

thanks for the guess...but it's wrong!
try again!

By Blogger mordi, at 03 July, 2011 09:29  

Love the jingles, it it Vanessa PAradis?

By Anonymous janweb, at 03 July, 2011 10:49  

it's not vp either!

clue: think 70's french doll

By Blogger mordi, at 03 July, 2011 12:01  

well i must admit that in ITunes, the Gotainer album write that LĂ©onie sings, isn't that the answer ?
Thanks for your discovered treasures ;

By Anonymous serge964, at 04 July, 2011 08:01  

YES! it's leonie!

watch out for some VERY VERY RARE leonie songs coming soon...

By Blogger mordi, at 04 July, 2011 08:44  

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