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Sunday, May 01, 2011

matthews mixtape

want some early spanish and portuguese ye-ye? then this is the mix tape for you. film-maker matthew bright (pictured above - imdb him!) sent this in. ace!

please leave comments about the mixtape!

10 comment(s):

Yes Yes !

DB x

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 May, 2011 17:22  

great mix! Marisol is one of my favorites.Thank you Matthew and Mordi.

By Blogger Elise, at 02 May, 2011 01:37  

Could you post a tracklist?

By Blogger Guuzbourg, at 02 May, 2011 12:37  

twist gully - angelita
flamenco rock - gelu
tic tac twist - maye gaos
tony - marisol
el muchacho - angelica maria
? - karen
la luna y la noche - li morante
peque amorcito - gloria benavideas
yo te ame - gelu
fu yang - leda moreno
lentamente - leda moreno
besos de papel - violeta rivas
ahora debo sufrir - gloria benavides
el te quiere mucho - renata
los chicos de juke box - lolita garrido
no preguntes porque - maribel llaudes
tipi tipi tipso - leda moreno
tu mundo - vivana
un clavo saca otro clavo

By Blogger mordi, at 02 May, 2011 13:24  

Did you get my mixtape?

By Blogger Guuzbourg, at 04 May, 2011 16:57  

Cool beans! Listening to this right now. Loving Leda Moreno

By Blogger Guuzbourg, at 04 May, 2011 17:14  

Matthew Bright?.... the Director of Freeway......


in awe...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 May, 2011 14:59  

Que lindo ver que se aprecie tambièn el yè-yè mexicano (:

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 May, 2011 04:57  

yes! Freeway!

By Blogger mordi, at 10 May, 2011 12:52  

What a great mix, though the Jenny Luna track has been the one I've been returning to most often. Makes me want to dance every time I hear it!

Always up for more Angélica María (love, love, love her!), and really like the Angelita and Violeta tracks, and "Tipi Tip Tipso."

Thank you, Matthew!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 May, 2011 18:17  

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